Hello, Dahling. Today, we’re going to talk about prejudice.

One of the great things about the COVID is if you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you’re walking around with a mask on so people can’t see you and a lot of people, because it’s still winter where I am in Colorado, have hats on so you pretty much only see this much of people. I have all kinds of friends. If you’ve watched a Joel Olsteen Service and you look down the aisle and there is somebody from every country in that aisle, those are my friends. I was raised in Georgia and so I was raised to be prejudiced. Didn’t know what any of that meant. I’m born in ’64, ended up in, I think in ’72 or three, maybe ended up in Augusta, Georgia from Georgia parents and again, not making any judgments on anything, just giving you information, which my mom is not.

We’re way past the whole prejudice thing, but I was raised that way.

So with that said, and I also have an African American friend who said she really likes the way it is right now because everybody is the same. There’s no judgment. We have the little mask on, maybe you’ll see a little black or brown or yellow or whatever, sticking out here, but she feels that they are not being judged as much. And then I also have a friend who was homeless for 18 months and he talks about how everyone can see for him what it was like being homeless in a vehicle. You’re stuck there all the time.

So prejudice. I had a friend who was in the army long, long time ago and I remember him bringing back pictures of the Wuhan, what do you call it? Where all those things are killed. And I remember back then, animals, no fur, no anything and just hung up side by side. And you know what? It’s a really bad thought. But if we skinned humans and stood us all up side by side, we look the same.

Why do we have prejudice? God’s light shines in all of us.

We must love our neighbor. My name’s Tina. I hope you follow me on Women in the Window Support Group.

And remember when you all see me sitting up, my little UPRIGHT GO was telling me that my posture needs to be up.

Have a great day. Talk to you soon. Adios.