Hello, Dahling. 2018 November, I went on a trip to Israel with a group of deaf and hard of hearing people.

I got baptized in River Jordan. That was absolutely amazing. Now, I was originally baptized in the baptist church when I was seven, Grove Baptist Church, in Grovetown, Georgia. And I’ve always lived my life for Christ. Christ should shine through us and so that is how I try to live. When I got baptized into the Baptist church, I’m supposed to follow some manmade stuff. All of religions are manmade. When I got baptized a couple of years ago in River Jordan, it was like, “Ah.” I mean, it was just absolutely crazy that I am baptized into Christ. I am not baptized into what man wants me to be baptized into. I am baptized into what Christ wants me baptized into Him, and not all the rigamarole that man has made up that we need to follow.

We need to follow the Bible, not all this manmade stuff. Who we should be praying for, like spirits, and this and that, and the other.

The Bible says you pray to God, you pray to Jesus, you pray to the Holy Spirit. The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and Jesus is the way into heaven. And I loved the idea of being re-baptized, and I think we should do a mass baptismal in showers. Thank Jesus for taking all of your sins. You forgive yourself. You ask Jesus to forgive you too for your sins. You know the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus. And then, get in the shower, just let the water wash over you, and just let God clean you.

And go to Jesus, and go to heaven when you die. Wouldn’t you rather have lived your whole life thinking there was, and got to the end there wasn’t verus thinking your whole life there wasn’t, and got to the end and there is a God?

There is my God.

Have a great day.