Hello, Dahling. So, I want to talk about marijuana.

When my oldest son was 16 years old, I kicked him out of the house because he smoked pot. Because my brother was a drug addict, and the DARE program that pot is your gateway drug, I was always like, “No, no, no.” And so kicked Tony out of the house when he was 16 years old. And since then, my thoughts have changed. I literally had smoked pot maybe twice in high school. Thank you, Jesus, it didn’t do anything for me or I would not be sitting here with you today. But probably 17 years ago, I had a guy, I tried it with a guy and I actually liked it, liked how it made my brain rest. That’s what pot does, especially people with special needs.

I have an autistic and deaf grandson and two drops of CBD oil would center him so he could do his therapy. I mean, CBD from the pot plant is absolutely amazing. God grew it, that’s why it’s called weed. It’s been around forever and ever, and ever, and ever. And I believe in it. I believe in the gummies that you can have, whether they have THC in them, which is going to help rest your mind, or if they just have the CBD, which is an anti-inflammatory, and I mean, just huge benefits. When I used to own Parker Med Spa, we sold Kannaway, which was CBD and THC line from Sweden.

So, I totally, totally, totally, totally am an advocate of medical marijuana. And it doesn’t have to be medical marijuana, it could be ditch weed. Totally believe what it can do for people. And people who’ve been smoking pot, they don’t go kill people. So, it might be a good alternative for things. I’m just pro.

Have a good day.