Hello, Dahling. So talking about my brother again, Timothy is his name. He committed suicide 10 years ago.

He was a drug addict off and on a lot of his life. He was emotionally, physically, mentally, he was a wreck. He was an absolute wreck. He went to rehab two times, for sure I know of. I don’t know how many times he actually did go to rehab. But he was physically, emotionally and mentally a wreck. And so he couldn’t live in the real world. And so that was one of the things of addictions that I had to witness. Is. And I’ve known a lot of people, friends of the kids and different people, who have committed suicide over the years. And it’s different when it’s yours. So really hard. Really, really hard.

But one of the things he always said was, “Remember who you are.”

My youngest son Kenny is deaf. And TD Wise, I don’t know if you remember them, but they were little typewriters that you could type back and forth to someone who was deaf. And so I remember, and my son Kenny remembers, brother Tim writing, typing, “Remember who you are.” And Kenny was really little and he goes, “Kenny, right?” I’m like, “Yeah, that’s who you are.” So anyway, don’t just remember who you are, remember whose you are. We have biological parents that bring us into this world, but you are here because God wants you to be here.

Remember whose you are.

I’m Tina and I hope you join me, my support group Women in the Window.

Have a great day.