Hello Dahling. Today I’m going to talk about my Joel Osteen story.

I had a life coach probably about 10 years ago and went to life coach training. I know that my light will shine and I will be on the stage with Joel Osteen one day, as a guest, not a permanent thing. Who knows what God really has to do, but I’m just saying that I have some connection with Joel Osteen and God and Jesus.

Years ago, I was in a relationship and we went to Houston to do a drive-in, diner and dive trip, but the main reason we went was to go see Joel. That was in March that we were supposed to go, that we did go. But the year before that, my pastor and his wife from Parker, Colorado, used to have a church in Houston, and they were going to go to try to get Paul to be on their medical board.

And so, I like, “Oh, my gosh, I want to go. I want an audience with Joel.” She said, “No, not this time,” and I’m just like, “Hmm.”

So, next year in January, I decided to make this trip to Houston. And so I call and let the preacher and his wife know that we were going to Houston again, hoping to get… because they know Dodi, Joel’s mom, so I was hoping to get an audience with Joel again. No. Pastor’s wife says, “Let them know you’re new. The deacon will sit you upfront.” So, we were. We were the third row in, third and fourth seat in the very center. Preacher’s daughter says, “There’s prayer time.” So during prayer time, you can get up and introduce yourself to Joel.

Now, when the deacon sat us down, remember they’re in this big convention center, and so the deacon showed us where we needed to go to be able to meet with the pastor afterwards. So church starts, church service stops for their 17 prayer partners. Anybody who wants to be prayed for, church stop and does not begin again until everybody’s prayed for. So I’m like, “This is not an opportune time to go.” Afterwards, we leave, we go up to where the pastor is. Kid you not, nobody behind me in line, nobody.

The deacon comes up, touches the lady in line before me and says, “Pastor’s not seeing anybody after her.” And I’m like, “What?”

And so, I go home. We go back to the hotel in Houston. I’m all just bummed. Next morning, we watch him on TV, and his sermon is about timing, “But it doesn’t matter what you think, it’s God’s timing.” I was like, “Okay,” felt a little bit better. So we get home Sunday. Monday morning in the mail in my Marriott receipt, kid you not, had my name, Joel Osteen’s name and my address. Those people at Marriott didn’t know why I was there. Everything’s done online, you don’t talk to anybody.

So that was just God telling me that Joel was still in my future. And I haven’t thought about it since and I couldn’t even tell you, I mean, I could probably look up the picture, but couldn’t tell you when we went. It’s been years ago, years ago. But I have faith. I know God has something prepared for me to do for you.

My light needs to shine to bring people home to Jesus. That is my job.

My name is Tina, and I hope you follow me on Women in the Window.

We’ll see you soon. Bye.