Hello Dahling! I heard a counselor one time say, “When people speak, take the verbiage that they’re saying, the words that they are saying, and don’t put any emotion to it.”

Well, we as humans have a really, really hard time with that. And what is actually happening in case you don’t know is take the word love. Some people have really, really great emotions about love. There’s rainbows and butterflies. So when they hear the word, it’s a positive word. And then other people who hear the word love and they had just a horrible whatever. And so they have very, very negative emotions to the word love, which we would think would be a positive word.

And so you have people all the way in between there that when they hear the word, we as humans associate that word to an emotion. So sometimes it’s really important to remember when you’re having a conversation with someone and they’re saying words, they may not mean the words like you’re taking them.

Because again, we are associating an emotion with every single word that you’re saying that I’m hearing, I’m putting my feelings around that. And those might not be what you’re trying to convey.

So it’s really, really important to listen what someone has to say versus putting our own emotion into it, which is human. That’s what we do. But just to let you know where all those emotions come from are actual things and experiences that you’ve had in your life that you associate with those words.

So again, those words that are being said to you, you may not be taking them the way they’re meant because your emotions may be telling you something than the words that were spoken.

How about that? I’m Tina. Don’t forget to follow my support group, Women in the Window.

Have a great day.