Hello, Dahling. I’ve talked before about Jesus and speaking to me, and God speaking to me.

It was maybe about a year ago. It was a Monday and I was supposed to come to Leadville on Wednesday and Jesus said, “I will see you on Thursday.” And I’m like, “Okay.” So I told my friend Brenda. She goes, “Now, they have… God’s got a different timeline than we do.” And I go, “I know, but God said he was going to see me on Thursday.” So I come to Leadville on Wednesday, which I had planned to do, and I’m driving really, really careful because I’m like, “Oh, am I going to have to die, be in a coma in order to see the Lord?” So, get up here safely. Now it’s Thursday. I’m being really, really careful because I’m working with… I’m actually working with tile and water and electricity, which is a dangerous thing, and a hummingbird, kid you not, comes right here and lights right there and just stays there.

And I said, “Jesus, I know that is you, but that’s not what I expected.”

And then nothing else happened that day. And then the day after, which was a Friday, I was charging my phone in the kitchen. I had just gotten out of the shower and there was an empty wall in front, and the reflection of me on the wall was a depiction of what we think Jesus looks like in the robe. So what’s really important is being expectant versus having expectations. My expectation was, Jesus comes to see me. I’m going to see a smile. I’m going to see some teeth. I want them to bring my dad and my brothers. And I mean, I have a whole list of people, when you come to see me, bring pop and not granny, sorry, great granny.

Bring great granny and uncle Herbie and pop and Jesse and Scooter and Rags and Tigger. I have animals coming. And so I was having expectations of that versus being expectant of, he said he was coming. What was he bringing? In my head, I had what we see is Jesus coming to see me and smiling.

I didn’t have a hummingbird coming right here. We are supposed to be expectant and not have expectations.

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