Hello, Dahling. I want to talk a little bit more about addictions.

So when I was in high school, one of my friend’s boyfriend was the drug dealer for high school. So he would randomly give me, I remember once I think blacks or Quaaludes or I don’t know what they are. I remember having one of those one time, just random, I couldn’t even tell you, maybe it was maybe even three to four pills in the whole time I knew him. So it wasn’t like he gave me stuff often, but nothing ever did anything for me, which I’m so blessed and probably twice I smoked pot and did absolutely nothing for me. This is high school years. So I was very, very, very, very blessed that I didn’t like any of that, and that I was able to move on with the life that God wanted me to do instead of being stuck in around Augusta, Georgia, because I’m an addict. So I was blessed that that was my first safe interaction with drugs. So I became an addict in my 40s, but in high school, I got through it. I knew that addictions ran in the family and that I had to be really, really careful with things. So high school, got out unscathed. In my 40s, full-blown alcoholic.

So I’d love for you to follow my support group Women in the Window. And I’m Tina.

Talk to you soon. Bye.